’Geldregen’ on the highway: three tons up for grabs

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EAST RUTHERFORD – In the Us state of New Jersey is nearly $ 300,000 (more than 265,000 euro) disappeared after the door of a geldtruck was opened. Therefore, it’s raining money on the highway, post a local news channel.

People got out of their car on the highway to money to pick it up.

The sudden ’geldlek ” led Thursday to chaotic states. Motorists stopped their vehicles and started to the money-grab, with several accidents as a result. Not everyone crossed the flying banknotes in his own pocket: there were, according to the police, road users that the employees of the cash transportation to help shots.

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Research has shown that the door of the geldtruck opened due to a fault. The vehicle lost two money bags with, respectively 140,000 and 370.000 dollars. Which tore open, and the wind the notes riding on it. More than two tons is recovered, the remaining 295.000 dollars is still missing.

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