French police arrest 25 yellow vests

7d886fb8d4ca247c1f7e91cfeafb1734 - French police arrest 25 yellow vests

PARIS – The French police Saturday morning during preventive checks in and around Paris around 09.30 hours about 25 ’yellow shirts’ were arrested. Last week, around that time there were already three hundred. Reports that the French tv channel BFMTV on his website. It is the fifth Saturday in a row that France is demonstrated.

In Paris watch Saturday about 8000 agents about the safety. There are also fourteen armoured vehicles deployed. The metropolitan police fears that the violent rioters back at the marchers will join. In the whole of France, 69.000 agents are deployed, the opposite 89.000 a week ago.

People in France are protesting for more than a month in the yellow vests out of dissatisfaction with the policies of president Emmanuel Macron. It is unclear how far the protests this time will be. President Emmanuel Macron is his angry compatriots already met. He promised, inter alia, an increase in the minimum wage.

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