FC Utrecht under the impression of ’Vlapinho’

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Michel Vlap

With SC Heerenveen and Ajax at home is no easy feat, you recognize, Timo Letschert. “Heerenveen is very important for us. If we get the three points to grab, we can with a very good feeling towards Feyenoord and Ajax to work”, says the FC Utrecht defender.


Letschert look with envy to the spicy program with Feyenoord in between, as an opponent in the eighth finals of the KNVB-cup. “We have to be our first time at Heerenveen focus. The two matches that come afterwards are really nice matches for FC Utrecht. Who lives in the supporters. That are races in which we, as FC Utrecht can show that we are a good team and as one of the few teams still have a real top teams are. Maybe we can even in the direction of the top-3.”

To the extent that, FC Utrecht show in Friesland. About the away game against SC Heerenveen think Letschert is not light. “Heerenveen is a good team and normally a competitor for FC Utrecht. It is in Heerenveen always the case that they are scoring a lot, but that she is also quite a lot of tegendoelpunten. But they always have offensive intentions and some very beautiful football, that this season also is again so. Michel Vlap can I find such a nice player. We call him here at FC Utrecht all Vlapinho. He sometimes see things which you almost think that he is a Brazilian, while he is such a typical Dutch name. Zeneli, I find also a nice player. That are fun players to watch.”


Or Letschert of the party in the Abe Lenstra Stadium is not quite sure. The defender ran last Sunday against Heracles Almelo with a foot injury. “I have spent the whole week not trained, but hope is the last training is to be able to make. There is nothing broken in the foot, but I do have a heavy bruise. And that is a nasty spot on the inside of the instep. That is tricky if you are a ball to shoot, or even a duel goes on. Fortunately, there are also painkillers. It’ll be okay I think.”

Anyway, it lifts the defender from Purmerend the white flag. That he has last week’s show, when he in spite of stomach and bowel problems still, in taipei, taiwan against Heracles. “The night before the race I lay still for four hours for the toilet. It wasn’t normal, really terrible. We already had two geschorsten and Emil Bergström had to play play. So we could not really afford. I felt really bad. How I did it, I don’t know, but I succeeded. I’m not a player that easily gives up and I always want to play.”

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