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Farewell of Teen-actress Désirée Viola with roses, a dance and lots of tears

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A packed full St. Martin’s church in the village of Houthalen-Helchteren has Saturday afternoon to say goodbye to actress Désirée Viola. That’s what happened with captivating testimonies of friends and family. But also, dancing, anything where She her life long love was.

The actress Désirée Viola got last week out of the life. She sparkled as a princess Rose in the Studio 100 series ‘Prinsessia’. The rose was the symbol of the afscheidsplechtigheid. Numerous guests, among whom Chokri Mahassine , Olivier Deschacht and Annelien Coorevits, had a rose pinned. For whom no flower had, there was a badge with a rose on each seat.

“We have thousands of memories of you, and yet, there is still far too little’, read one of Désirées friends. After which they its Desje’ described as an always cheerful, helpful woman. Someone who as a child dreamed of an acting career, and her first dance steps put as an improvised Mel B of the Spice Girls.

According to her family, who testified via a recorded audioboodschap, had She already taken up many of her dreams fulfilled. But there were so many. ‘Why?’, named her mother the question that all those present came up. ‘So often, I have your stories to read before you went to sleep, ” said her father. ‘You fought time and time against sleep, still had the show to steal. Today I say the last time you ‘sleep tight’.’

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As a farewell song, chose the family for ‘Night Air’ by Jamie Woon, after which the priest is called to stand up and do what She most enjoyed, namely, dancing. A group brought a piece of choreography in the central aisle.

The ceremony was also filmed and was also outside of the church be followed. The twenty or so people who have no place in the church could also heat up to two fire pits. Désiréé Viola was 26.

Anyone with questions about suicide, you can contact on the toll-free number to 1813 www.zelfmoord1813.be.

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