Eyelove doubt about swipe Froger in new spot

8cda2d471d1db1e4c66b244c67fadce9 - Eyelove doubt about swipe Froger in new spot

René Froger

Especially the vocals of René Froger by the listeners annoying found. That people understand the swing of the singer at the end of the ad annoying, called Melchior ’painful’. According to him, had René that invented, just like the melody. “After the second call he came all along with the tune and lash out.” When Melchior, the result is heard, he found it fun and surprising sound.

“René and I are 25-year-old friend,” said Melchior about the choice for the singer. He told me that next week a new spot is included. That is, both on radio as on tv, from January run. René does also. Eyelove think there is still about whether the swipe to return in the new spot.

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