End Toto threatens: ’kiss of death tobacconist’

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AMSTERDAM – The end is looming for the Toto in the cigar shop, or grocery store on the corner. An upcoming change in the law will gambling on sports events in the near verlieslijdend, sets parent company Dutch Lottery.

The organizer of the traditional gambling game says no other option to have the plug from the ’game of chance on the corner ” to draw as this week approved an amendment to the Law Authorities. “The Toto in the shops is for us verlieslijdend”, says director Niels Onkenhout. A result of the change in the law is according to him that the tax burden for Toto from one to the other day increased six fold.

Tobacconists are overwhelmed by the impending doom, responds president Jos Zuidwijk of association of NSO. He fears that the kiss of death for 1500 sigarenwinkeliers if the Lottery because of the law change, the Tote, the neck turning. For many of these retailers is a major source of income.

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