Dutch viewer gives a total of six tons of

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Eefje, Geuko, Samantha and Evert.

The programme follows presenter Bert van Leeuwen four patients who are using crowdfunding to try money for them unaffordable treatment, therapy or surgery. The treatment is not reimbursed by their health insurance, while it could save their lives or prolong the quality of life may materially improve. That required amounts have ranged from 90,000-more than two tons.

The parents of the six-year-old Geuko of a Long time, which is affected by an aggressive virus in his spinal cord, hoping that their little boy after treatment in Baltimore of the ventilator. Evert Bloemert (42) by means of an exoskeleton would have loved upright. The uitbehandelde Eefje Muller (30) hopes that a immunotherapy is still her cervical cancer to beat and the young mother Samantha Jaeggi-Werther (27) wants a stem cell transplant, the progression of MS to a halt.

Bert van Leeuwen: “It is almost impossible to believe, but within 50 hours after the broadcast, the money for all patients together! At 22.57 hours on Friday night came the last of euros via the crowd funding for the treatment of Eefje within and therefore also the total amount of about six tons achieved! We as the creators had not even dreamed that it would soon succeed. In addition to the donations, the patients were given, in various ways, statements of support and is there with them, sympathized. Now can Geuko, Eefje, Evert and Samantha get the treatment for them all is vital. We will bring in 2019 to see how they fared and what the treatment will mean for their lives.”

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