Deventer brings the world of Dickens to life

b03c40952a628a0b5f8dff6948084820 - Deventer brings the world of Dickens to life

The snowy Deventer Bergkwartier with extras in Dickens-style in the city centre of Deventer.

Saturday and Sunday come over 950 characters from the famous books of this famous English writer to life: from Scrooge to Oliver Twist, Mr. Pickwick to Christmas Carol Singers, from orphans to drunkards, from kantoorklerken to distinguished people.

Charles Dickens lived from 1812 to 1870. What he described, it was mainly the world of his earliest childhood. Oliver Twist, A Christmas Carol and The Pickwick Papers his famous works.

The Dickens Festival is each year good for up to 125,000 visitors. It is located in the town of Deventer, where numerous monuments and picturesque houses are to be found. There are a large number of performances of actors, and actors, young and old, choirs, singers and musicians and residents from the Bergkwartier.

The access to the Dickens Festival is free. However, visitors should take into account a waiting time at the entrance which can take up to an hour and a half. Everyone along the barricade led.

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