Bruce Springsteen stops after 236 times Broadway

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Bruce Springsteen

Springsteen made in October 2017, his Broadway debut. Initially he would but a month on the boards of the theatre, but because of the rave reviews and the high demand for tickets were up to two times more gigs announced. In the show plays The Boss on the acoustic guitar and the piano and tells stories from his biography, Born to Run from 2016. Per night did 975 fans in the theater.

The record of Springsteen on 14 december, the soundtrack from the series of concerts on cd and lp. Streamingsdienst Netflix will be a record of the show on the night of the last gig to add to the offer.

The Boss will take next year off, so he told us earlier this month, to the dismay of many fans. Some members of the E Street Band, the backing group of Springsteen, go on with their solo projects, the boards, announced Springsteen.

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