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Brokers and Pro League were “in good atmosphere” consultation on abuses: “There are no taboos”

3084eff31c6ed02c629c2ffc7ff013dd - Brokers and Pro League were “in good atmosphere” consultation on abuses: “There are no taboos”

The Belgian Federation of Football Agents (BFFA) has on Tuesday officially consulted with the panel of experts of the Pro League on measures that can be taken against malpractice, with players ‘ agents. “That meeting is in a very good atmosphere and successful”, which confirmed Jesse De Preter, president of the BFFA, Saturday to Belga.

“I think it’s a good meeting”, put The Preter of the shore. “Our strategy is to open card to play. There are no taboos. We know what goes wrong in football, and we realize that brokers a share in. Therefore, think we are thinking about new regulations. There we have a detailed plan about. If there are proposals from the Pro League or belgium, do we dare even to speak when they do not go far enough.”

According to the plans of the Pro League has the BFFA, however, still guessing. “We do not know what texts the panel of experts on Monday will propose. Tuesday we have to get more about principles and a number of general objectives spoken, then we are really up to regulatory texts to work with. At the cabinet of Flemish minister for Work Philippe Muyters (N-VA) is the co-operation and public participation are already a little further. Of them we have designs of decree under eyes, how we expanded to have replied. So far, we are not yet with the Pro League.”

The Preter, himself for many years a member of the board of directors of the Pro League, had the last weeks informal contacts with clubleiders, but it was Tuesday officially heard by the three-man panel of experts of Pierre François, Melchior Wathelet and Wouter Lambrecht. The Pro League had previously know that the brokers for december 17, no seat at the negotiating table to expect. That has now happened anyway.

“When the first arrests came, I immediately contacted the Pro League in order to form a study group. But that was brushed aside, because the brokers are not yet organized. That was a legitimate comment, but I was a little worried. To good regulation and to create, there should be sectoral negotiations.”

“It all worked out and I think the Pro League is happy to see that we have a very representative association on its feet. There are a lot of important brokers in”, said The Preter.

What transactions represents BFFA, meanwhile, is already 70 percent to 80 percent of the Belgian market. “It’s going to be the 21 founding members, and in the meantime, we received 28 additional applications. Of the 50 major players, want to make sure 50 to join the BFFA,” said The Preter, who let us know that all the applications to a thorough screening to be subjected.

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