Body Hanne Decoutere crack

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Hanne Decoutere has two more months to practice until the dansgala in Concertgebouw Brugge. Then she is allowed to 1,300 people and show what the ballerina in Hanne Decoutere still worth. The result is shown in Hanne Dances on the Canvas, according to The Newspaper. “I’m twice as old as those girls. In some lessons, even triple as old. ( laughs) I think they are in a kind of mother figure. Last week they had exams; I had a box of chocolates brought. I think they have me somewhere a bit admire. Hanne, it remains unsustainable. It’s funny: they come to the studio within, put their legs up against their ears and are not silent. I’m older, more confident, I know how much I would do and want to, but I have actually the body not more for. While those girls are sometimes so uncertain and full of questions. I tell them also: Enjoy that passion you will experience.”

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