Big panic to Pete Davidson after disturbing message

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Pete Davidson

“I do my best to be here for you to stay, but I don’t know how long I still can. I’ve always tried to help people”, wrote the comedian who have been fighting against his bipolar disorder. Earlier he spoke also about that in the past suicidal thoughts.

Davidson left the message just a few minutes and deleted all his photos on Instagram. Both fans and colleagues are very worried for his health. Ariana Grande, with whom he was engaged, left on Twitter know that she is right to him is gone.

“I’m so sorry that I was a silly joke made. I wanted no one hurt. I just want everyone healthy and happy. Please”, she responded as a result of an earlier argument on Twitter between her and Kanye West where the rapper her blamed the abuse of his mental health in order to ask attention for her new single. Just before the zorglijke message to let Pete know that he Kanye supports and is proud of the fact that he is open about his health.

“Now I’m down and I’m not going anywhere for if you need something or need someone”, Ariana further. “I know that you have that you need, and that I was not there to hear it, but I’m there for you.”

Various celebrities have endorsements on social media aswell. “Pete Davidson… Hold on. There is a lot of help. Surrender to love. We are there for you. And accept then the help that is out there. I pray for you. I understand you and it gets better,” writes Jada Pinkett Smith.

“We can be so insensitive. God bless Kanye and Pete. Flippant about mental illness says more about the other person than about you. Stop using the word love to speak, but wear it out. Love is an action”, is the response to Nicki Minaj.

It soon became obvious that Pete was safe. Jon Cryer confirmed that the comedian was busy with shooting for Saturday Night Live. Why his Instagram has deleted, it is still not clear. It is suspected that he has done this to no longer face the need to be with all the hate on social media.

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