Beugelsdijk finds himself a cute boy

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Tom Beugelsdijk cleans up in the Hague ’sixteen’.

“If you’re sitting on the bench, you are not happy,” said the robust defender that on november 4, for the last time in was at Fox Sports. “Because you know that you don’t do well. The trainer stimulates me and has said that I need to better training and therefore better play. That’s what I did.”

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Beugelsdijk explains the easygoing part from as part of his character. “It’s a little in me. Sometimes you think too easily and too quickly that it is very good. Not in the competitions, but on the training I leave it a bit and versloffen. I was on the bank, to me has been sharpened to every day hard training.”

Yellow cards

With as a reward the big victory in Tilburg, where Beugelsdijk after only eighteen minutes a yellow card was given. By the seventh speeding ticket this season, while he ’only’ thirteen breaches made. “It is remarkable, but I’m not proud of it. As you asked so yellow, you go back otherwise defend. But I do not believe that the referees me to look, I am a very sweet boy.”

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