Benicio del Toro plays the bad guy in Dora

0ee3e5300e329f69850dab5514b9f976 - Benicio del Toro plays the bad guy in Dora

Benicio Del Toro

Swiper is a fox who is Dora making life miserable, and her valuable stuff to pick up. “Swiper, do not steal!”, is what Dora then calls out to Swiper off and the children at home to learn that stealing is wrong.

In the live-action film adaptation of the Nickelodeon series about the young explorer, is the role of Dora was played by Isabela Moner, known for the television series Instant Family. In the film, and leads a group of teenagers through the jungle in search of her parents, who are played by Michael Pena and Eva Longoria.

The pictures are there now, and now the film finished. Dora the Explorer, directed by James Robin, in August, 2019 in premiere.

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