Belgian march against Marrakesh may continue

d199887a02d799ced9cb3b36957fc5cf - Belgian march against Marrakesh may continue

BRUSSELS – Right-wing organisations and youth associations in Belgium may Sunday, their “march against Marrakesh”.

Also the extreme right-wing Outpost is at the ’march against Marrakesh’ involved.

The authorities banned Wednesday the planned protest against the UN-migratiepact, but the Council of State has this prohibition be declared null and void. This have the mayor of Brussels and minister-president of the Brussels-Capital Region Friday night announced.

Also a planned tegenbetoging may continue. In a statement saying the directors that the security services the events will accompany. “The police will take all measures to maintain law and order on the Brussels territory.”


The protest is organized by two nationalist student societies in co-operation with the extreme right-wing organization Outpost and because of racism discredited Flemish youth movement of Shield and Friends.

On the basis of information from the police, the authorities decided the proof to ban. On social media circulated reports that hooligans would come up. The organisers had Friday, an emergency procedure launched against that decision.

Sven Gatz, the Flemish minister of Culture, tweeted earlier this week that Brussels is not the dupe must be’ of rioters.

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