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Basketbalmatch of Ostend, shut down… due to faulty scoreboard in Leuven

db88be2957e5fff6287d24de90f21ad4 - Basketbalmatch of Ostend, shut down... due to faulty scoreboard in Leuven

The scoreboard was a spoilsport for Leuven Bears and Ostend. The refs were forced to the party to cease.

In the middle of the openingskwart tore a bommende Fieler and Lasisi is los (11-17). Lasisi, good for 13 points in the first 8 minutes, was not enough and gave his ex-team review (14-22). With a bomb went into D’espallier, Delalic and Vervoort back in the track (28-30).

Of the problems with the score board that is double that of last year went Djordjevic and Lasisi nothing, and the kustjongens went into the rest in at 36-45. In the third part, expressed Lasisi and Djurisic their will ruthlessly by (45-58). At the beginning of the slotkwart excelled the scoreboard, however, in the absence and the match was shut down.

There was tonight, one race completed: Mountains knocked therein Aalstar with 91-81.

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