Australia: West-Jerusalem is capital of Israel

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SYDNEY – Australia has the West of Jerusalem officially recognized as the capital of Israel. That the Australian prime minister Scott Morrison on Saturday said. The country will not immediately its embassy in Tel Aviv be moved to the western part of Jerusalem.

The Australian prime minister Scott Morrison.

“Australia recognizes now West Jerusalem, where the Knesset and many government agencies are located, as the capital of Israel,” said Morrison. “We look forward to the relocation of our embassy to West Jerusalem as soon as practicable”, he told reporters in Sydney. He also said that he for the recognition of a Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital.

Morrison said in October that he was open to the move of the embassy. The earlier decision of the American president Donald Trump to the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem to the move led to anger among Palestinians and a lack of understanding in many Arab countries and western allies.

Whole of Jerusalem as its capital

Israel considers since 1980, the whole of Jerusalem as its capital, including the eastern part that, after the war in 1967 and annexed. The country wants that all the embassies are located.

For the international community plays Jerusalem a key role in the achievement of peace between israelis and Palestinians. Therefore, there are practically no embassies in Jerusalem. The netherlands moved in 1980 the embassy to Tel Aviv.

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