Australia recognizes West Jerusalem as the capital of Israel

145d67d2c25974a3bea0caf169ccecf9 - Australia recognizes West Jerusalem as the capital of Israel

Following In the footsteps of the United States also has Australia, West of Jerusalem formally recognized as the capital of Israel. However, going to Australia embassy does not immediately move out of Tel Aviv.

That the Australian prime minister Scott Morrison on Saturday said in a speech to the Sydney Institute, a privately financed think tank. The conservative premier, who in August came to power after his more moderate predecessor Malcolm Turnbull to the side was pushed, said that he is planning a future Palestinian state to recognize East Jerusalem as the capital. He will do that as soon as a two-state solution is reached, that the seventy-year-long conflict must end.

The Australian embassy disappears not immediately from Tel Aviv, Australia will be the first defence and trade office to open in West Jerusalem. That must be a symbol for the amendment of the Australian policy, says Morrison. He says that he hopes that he, as the stalled peace process in the Middle East again can attract.

The American president Donald Trump approved a year ago, Jerusalem as capital of Israel and opened there in may the U.s. embassy. Paraguay and Guatemala followed the earlier example, also in Honduras, Romania and the Czech republic is a similar plan on the table.

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