As ’lye’ contestant Paula is by Farmer wants a Wife-period

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“It was a fun experience,” says Paula to the AD. Still, it was not always easy, especially as the Wageningen researcher once again free to ask for the work. ,,They recommended it to as few people as possible to tell you that I participated. That eventually ended up with three, because at my work there was a day that I have absolutely no way. And on that day, so I had to be replaced.’

In a contract promise the participants have nothing to say as long as the program runs. Yet probreerde everyone around her, however, what information from Paula to get loose, she noticed. “So thought colleagues that I would save, because who know – unfortunately – how I look for the broken hearted. That they had not seen me. But they were sitting next to it.’

It didn Paula is so kind to the people around her to the garden to lead, already proved that some still had questions about her smoezen. ,,For the logeerweek I had to take leave, but I had no destination to find the many questions on called. So I went supposedly to my brother in Drenthe to escape from the stresses of the last year of my phd. No one has further to be asked, but when it was all over some said, however, that want to get nothing for Paula.’

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And from the conversation with the newspaper, it appears that Paula even advance pretty well could be bluffing. The letter they wrote to farmer Wim was short, because it is this ’quick work’ had written, but she had a nice explanation at the ready. ,,Ha, I said that exactly was what I wanted to say.’

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