Anouk in the corner on The Voice

8658b797ad4ee9328428153708a49882 - Anouk in the corner on The Voice

That procedure is done for a better interaction, suspect Anouk, that’s going to be to the viewers left in the picture is to see. The coach: “Maybe I have something to little chat. Often you can discuss a little bit how a performance has been, why you are not rotated. I’m not very strong in. If someone makes a joke, then I can be there to laugh, but sometimes it is not my humor. Also I’m not always called to be about everything but something to say or an opinion to have.”

“I think that the three guests made easier thereby. I understand it, it is for tv probably slightly better. I don’t mind to be on the outside.”


Waylon finds musical chairs is a good choice: “Small comes with three people. He has a big mouth, of course, but also know in once place. It’s not that we think ” what a snotneusje’. Only: it was difficult in the beginning to get him involved, when he was on the corner sat. He deserves a fair chance.”

Lil Small, who this season made his debut as a coach, is at the start of The Battles between Waylon and Ali B in. This is the new order: Anouk – Ali B – Lil Small – Waylon. That was: Lil Small – Anouk – Ali B – Waylon.

The four coaches take their chosen talents to the next round: The Battles. Therein, the teams will be halved. After The Knock-outs are four live shows; with the final on 22 February.

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