All 32 yellow vests arrested in Paris

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The yellow vests are on Saturday again met on the Champs-Elysées in Paris, for a fifth protestdag. The shops and restaurants remain closed again, a dozen metro stations are today not controlled.

The security forces are once again massively present in the French capital. In addition to 8,000 troops is also the water cannon again, ready to violent campaigners to tackle.

The police for 10 hours in the morning and 32 activists arrested, reports Franceinfo. That, however, there are considerably fewer than last week, when at the same time almost 300 yellow vests in the shackles were struck.

“We expect a large turnout, but more determined campaigners,” said the French secretary of state for Home Affairs, Laurent Nunez Friday night. He had the yellow bibs earlier this week called for a sense of responsibility to demonstrate, after the deadly attack in Strasbourg Tuesday night.

Elsewhere in France, Saturday re-actions take place.

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