Achilles’29 blameert again with new monsternederlaag

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Achilles’29 will experience yet a rampweek.

Friday night was the female team of the club from Groesbeek, a merciless thrashing against PSV. The visitors from Eindhoven won the duel in the Eredivisie Women with less than 9-1.

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Maddy Williams was with three goals, the most scoring player on behalf of PSV, that peace already had a 6-1 lead over the competition. The Locals are just like men, women also is a leader in the Eredivisie.

Main power

To the main body of the Achilles’29 is the Saturday night the task to be the target of the club this week still a bit to Polish. The squad, which is in the Third Division Saturday at the sixteenth place, take the to 18: 00 on at Eemdijk, that hekkensluiter.

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