Young people flock to WtFOCK

23f93f47c7d1bae2288aac61c024fcad - Young people flock to WtFOCK

WtFOCK got no advertising campaign, just about media attention and was nowhere to be found in the zendschema. And still, the new fiction series every week from 90,000 teens to captivate. Reason for FOUR and Telenet to a second season order. That writes The Tomorrow. The creators of wtFOCK do not have the hot water was invented. On the contrary, they have that water just in the High North met. wtFOCK is a remake of SKAM, a Norwegian tienerreeks which has become an online phenomenon. Beginning 2016 was the series accounts for half of the traffic on the streamingplatform of the Norwegian public service broadcaster NRK. The third season was good for an average of nearly 800,000 viewers; a huge number if you know that there are only 5.2 million Norwegians.

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