Yellow Bibs stir in Israel

0242085948f7809e3de9114dfcdf2d2c - Yellow Bibs stir in Israel

TEL AVIV – Israeli Yellow Vests on Friday in the coastal city of Tel Aviv the street, merged against the high cost of living. Also to protest against a series of price increases for public services.

Several hundreds of Yellow Bibs on Friday in Tel Aviv.

Prices of electricity and water, milk products and bread to rise quickly in the still relatively expensive in Israel. On social media have been there since 2011 numerous protest movements against the high prices and low wages, also reported by French and Israeli media.

The protesters clashed in the centre of the city near a train station with the police. Ten people have been arrested. According to the Israeli Ynet there were two hundred and fifty protesters on the streets. The demonstration was arranged via Facebook.


The group will next week also go to protest. “The people cannot and don’t want more pay. Electricity and water are not a luxury”, says one of them, according to the newspaper Haaretz.

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A lot of French Yellow Vests like on Saturday for their fifth big national protestdag. It is unclear whether the rise this time is large, because the government hard commitments has done and because there was just a terrorist attack in Strasbourg.

Last Saturday there were definitely 136.000 ’cardigans jaunes’ (yellow vests) on the leg in France. When serious irregularities are certainly 1700 people were arrested. Since the movement in France, november 17, with large protests started, here are six deaths. The currency in Israel is the shekel.

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