Van Bommel: ’Robben is going to think about it’

673eabfb4f2660b4b1080ab88a8256c4 - Van Bommel: ’Robben is going to think about it’

Arjen Robben

,,But you have no crazy things behind the search,’ added Van Bommel equal. ,,We also have to contact about that Munich is colder than here.’

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’PSV approximates Robben for return’

Or the ‘think about it’ for PSV directly the opening is to be for example for him on the plane steps and serious work of his coming? ,,It’s his choice,’ explains Van Bommel, the ball to Robben himself. The attacker itself will, of course, everything should let the countries around his last week’s announced departure at Bayern and any next steps in his career.

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