Van Bommel praises Sadilek: ’Example for youth’

0dd5e8bf58d07738b1a22ed46ac681b4 - Van Bommel praises Sadilek: ’Example for youth’

Michal Sadilek is on the point within the lines.

The 19-year-old midfielder made his debut last week against Excelsior in the eredivisie and Tuesday if he is against Internazionale in the Champions League, a large part of the second half to join as a replacement of Érick Gutiérrez.

“I got him last year captain made at PSV under 19. He was the driving force, he understands football and how we want to play,” said Van Bommel Friday.

“Michal is training in a way that he likely deserves. He brings the same everywhere, in which team he plays. That is a great compliment to that boy. Therefore, I have to let him fall in. He is an example for everyone at the youth.”

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