UN envoy wants international waarnemingsregime in Yemen

babf94ae7d1274dacc5b46e84714511c - UN envoy wants international waarnemingsregime in Yemen

UN envoy to Yemen Martin Griffiths has Friday at the Security council of the volkerenorganisatie the establishment as soon as possible, demanded from a ‘waarnemingregime’. That waarnemingsregime should monitor compliance with the agreement that Thursday is reached on the port of Hodeida through which humanitarian aid enter the country.

Griffiths told the Security council that a ‘robust and competent’ waarnemingsregime on location is essential. “It is urgently needed and both parties have told us that they very much sit and wait and depend on it,” said the envoy. The observers should check whether the warring parties adhere to the rules.

The requirement of Griffiths following the breakthrough in the negotiations between the Houthi insurgents and the by Ryad-supported and internationally recognized government of Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi. They discussed the fight to the major port city to cease and to withdraw their troops.

According to the envoy, the experienced Dutch major general Patrick Cammaert prepared as an international election observation mission to lead. He can within a few days in the region, added Griffiths.

Secretary-general, Antonio Guterres of the UN would, according to diplomats in the running the V-board is a waarnemingsmechanisme for Hodeida, consisting of thirty to forty observers, proposals.

May send some of the countries for the formal adoption of a resolution, which is a ‘reconnaissance mission’. This includes among others the Netherlands.

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