UEFA punishes AC Milan to financial disorder

a0ad08ea8dacc2be5717cda3a233212e - UEFA punishes AC Milan to financial disorder

AC Milan player Hakan Calhanoglu is dripping off of the field after the elimination in the Europa League.

If AC Milan do not succeed, then it is excluded from European football in the seasons 2022-2023 and 2023-2024. Initially, if Milan, for years now, and spend more money than that, this season cannot participate in the Europa League. That decision was however reversed after the Italians with success to the international sporttribunaal CAS were performed.

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It also keeps the UEFA euro 12 million in revenue. The next two seasons should AC Milan, moreover, only 21 players to register for European competitions.

AC Milan was Thursday by the Greek club Olympiakos turned off in the Europa League. In the Series A state of the sevenfold champion of Europe on the fourth place.

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