Typhoon gets erepenning

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Rico and Sticks broke around the turn of the century as two of the three members of rapformatie Opgezwolle. In their raps they often affectionately about the city. Typhoon, who early on worked together with Opgezwolle, it was not much later breakthrough. All three of them lived in Zwolle and they put themselves in for the city.

So very true Rico, real name Ricardo McDougal, as the driving force behind Fakkelteit and Fakkelteenz, who by the church are described as “breeding grounds for young people who want to rap.” Sticks, also called Junte Uiterwijk, “example generation” and is an ambassador of PEC Zwolle United, the social branch of the eponymous football club. Typhoon, aka Glenn de Randamie, by the municipality praised because of its binding and socially relevant texts.

He received the medal by mayor Henk Jan Meijer presented at poppodium Hedon, Zwolle, the netherlands. Provisional stand Rico and Sticks together on the stage.

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