These are the guests of Gert Last Year

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Last year swapped Gert Verhulst his luxury yacht Evanna for the first time the Chateau de Targnon, his castle on a mountain near Spa, to the FOUR-year in review ‘Gert Last Year to present. Due to great success and beautiful memories should Verhulst his magical castle this year again open. And, of course, are inseparable tv-wife of James Cooke again, according to The Latest News. “Maybe it sounds a bit boring, but actually, we more or less do the same as last year”, says Gert in the newspaper. “But, with the other guests.” The duo compiled a top 100 list together of the most striking figures from 2018. From that list there are a few personalities along. “On Monday we receive Bart Tommelein, Jan Verheyen and Jelle Cleymans. That are somewhere between position 100 and 75 on our list. Later followed by, among others, Tom Waes, Herman Brusselmans, Kat Kerkhofs, Tim Van Aelst, Niels Destadsbader, Sabine Hagedoren, Matteo Simoni and Steven Van Herreweghe.”

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