’Temptation’-Mezdi was almost dead

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Mezdi is the next resident of the Ex on the beach villa.

The shots were all last summer, but in October, tragedy struck. A motorcycle accident caused a hersenkneuzing and left him with shattered legs behind. “I was just not” press the realityster carefully about the consequences of the accident.

Very bad

“Now it’s going better with me, but I’m still in very bad condition. With tendons and muscles throughout the body are my cruciate ligament reconstructed. It may take years before I fully recovered, and even then I will never be the old Mezdi.”

The eight original residents of the EOTB villa, during the season, each time facing a new ex. That leads, of course, not only to hatred and jealousy, but also to steamy scenes.

The sexual brake of the participants doing the most thinking on the hand brake of a twenty year-old French car. Most of them are also of bil has been with another person before they with their exes are faced with.


Mezdi’s carefree adventures in Curacao, form a great contrast with his current situation. “That can still be difficult,” admits he, “if I put myself out there as on the beach, see jump from my hospital bed. But I’m positive, I make the best of it and let me don’t bother.”

According to EOTB-competitor, Harry, who last week came out of the water, you should not join the program to a relationship. Mezdi saw it mainly as a ’beautiful adventure’. “I just think it is fun to be commercial to be busy.”

Is that sometimes another word for love? Of course not, he emphasizes. “Or I’m busy or the neighbor, that makes me nothing out. It’s just a nice atmosphere. And let me put it this way: after my participation in Temptation island red I me on that plane in an average weekend, that’s fine.”

Ex on the beach: double Dutch is Sunday at 22:00 hours on MTV.

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