Rutte, on behalf of EU: nice words, no guarantees

df9057e9a9fa689a1931a0defe3ad60f - Rutte, on behalf of EU: nice words, no guarantees

BRUSSELS – With warm words about the Irish grenskwestie try the EU the British discontent over the Brexit deal to extinguish the fire. But prime minister May, who to Brussels had come to judicial guarantees and to request that a temporary solution really, but would be temporary, got that commitment.

According to prime minister Rutte it was urgent to have clarity about the so-called ’backstop’ that provokes much anxiety in the United Kingdom. It comes to an emergency to the border between Ireland and Northern Ireland to keep it open, if the EU and the UK after Brexit on 29 march next year are not true how the future relationship should look like.

The British fear for eternity in a kind of intermediate stage to linger, where they remain bound to many rules of the EU. But May received no legal guarantees that such a backstop, but would be temporary.

“This statement borders on the legally binding”, said Rutte at a press conference just after midnight. “Clearer language is almost not imaginable,” he said. But an ironclad guarantee that it’s not as far as it will come, may not. “You should always have a small hole open.”

The question is whether the prime minister May will be enough to make critical s to win. Monday blew them a for Tuesday’s scheduled vote on the Brexit deal because they felt arrive that a large majority would be voted out of office.

Then she turned again to the EU for more guarantees to require that the dreaded backstop really but a temporary solution would be, if it’s already come to that.

But except good will show to far to let it come, like the EU leaders not to go. “You can see that it is a dominant element in the debate has become,” said Rutte. “That concern is unfounded. There is no importance to the situation longer than is necessary.” This was May’s doing.

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