Ronaldo gives fraud and need for Spanish court

c7d25673c3bfe4c73282e317288ea9d0 - Ronaldo gives fraud and need for Spanish court

Cristiano Ronaldo should be on January 14, 2019 for the Spanish court to appear in Madrid.

Ronaldo has four charges of tax evasion on his pants hang. In total, the Portuguese such a careless 14.7 million euros have cheated gedurdende his time at Real Madrid. So reports the Spanish AXIS.

The Juventus attacker will receive a penalty of € 13.4 million, which he has already paid, and a jail term of two years. That punishment, he doesn’t actually have to sit. The Spanish law stipulates that anyone does not have the cell in the need for a sentence of two years or if it is a first offence. For the Portuguese is that the case.

Ronaldo agree with the decision and that will be the Spanish court on January 14, 2019 to ratify it, there escapes the attacker.

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