Possible quick comeback free De Bruyne

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Kevin De Bruyne (second from left)

The Belgian international ran on november 1, in a duel with Fulham with a knee injury, but makes for the home game against Everton may be part of the clash.

De Bruyne has two days without problems can work out with the group. Therefore, considering coach Pep Guardiola, the midfielder his first speelminuten after a month and a half absence. ,,He has no more pain. We’ll see if he plays”, said Guardiola on Friday.

De Bruyne became the beginning of november, injured, shortly after he because of an earlier in August sustained injury was returned in the selection of City. That comeback was short-lived. Just recovered from an injury to his right knee, it was now the left knee that play made it impossible. Due to the injuries played De Bruyne since it is so successful world cup no international more for Belgium.

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