Ocean rower Tuijn shall attempt again

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PORTIMAO – Because the weather on the Atlantic Ocean, still frustrated, ocean rower Ralph Tuijn are borders for a second time postponed. Tuijn want at a killing pace the crossing from Portugal to French Guiana, in South America: he aims for 55 days. The current record stands at 96 days.

Rower Ralph Tuijn at Schiphol airport before departure to Portugal.

But the wind is unfavorable for departure from Portimão. Next week will be better weather conditions are expected and, therefore, has Tuijn his departure back a week forward.

According to the original schedule, he would Wednesday already left, but a sea breeze threw was also a spanner in the works. “Ralph has the choice not only made, but has this advice been given. With this decision, will the borders a week to be delayed with a lot of energy and strength, the ocean crossing is going to make”, his spokeswoman to know.

Tuijn gathers with his rowing trip of over 6,000 km to raise funds for the Plastic Soup Foundation, which is committed to reducing plastic waste in the oceans of the world.

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