Now protest of yellow vests in Israel

95d1473606f1a3fcb660fd4c2a3d5f87 - Now protest of yellow vests in Israel

In the Israeli city of Tel Aviv, hundreds of people dressed in yellow shirts protested against the high cost of living.

On social media and see videos of people who, for the central street of the coastal city of marching, dressed in yellow vests and with an Israeli flag in the hand.

According to news site ynet want to be the protestors, an end to economic monopolies, which, according to them, increases in price cause.

Also in Jerusalem were protests planned.

In 2011 drew tens of thousands of israelis already the streets to protest against high rents and cost of living. Such demonstrations were, however, few in motion.

In France protesting since the middle of november people dressed in yellow bibs, initially to protest against the planned increase of the brandstoftaksen.

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