No German asylum suspicious attack CS

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TRIER – The Afghani Jawed S. (19), who is suspected that he is at the end of August two American travelers neerstak on Amsterdam CS, get no asylum in Germany. His application for asylum was again rejected. According to the court in Trier has S. in his homeland, no political persecution or danger to fear. Also, can he return himself in his livelihood, says the judgment.

S. was in 2017 at the administrative court in an appeal against an earlier rejection of his request for asylum in Germany. The court, in its recital, not the attack in Amsterdam, but only looked at the circumstances of S. itself. He can be the new rejection is still challenging with the court in Rheinland-Pfalz.

The suspect is since the attack. Earlier this week, he first appeared in court in Amsterdam, where he his anger against PVV-leader Geert Wilders and the inhabitants of the Netherlands are aired. The Public Prosecutor is suing him for twice attempted murder with a terrorist intent. The two random victims were seriously wounded.

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