Netflix opens first cinema in the Netherlands

8c3e44d44ddd820189e9ca066faf8a2c - Netflix opens first cinema in the Netherlands

Reports that the winter Paradise on her Facebook page. It is known not unprecedented that Netflix cinema initiated in the Netherlands. The streaming service is looking for the last years increasingly the interface between streaming and cinema. This weekend Roma, the new film from director Alfonso Cuaron (Gravity), simultaneously on Netflix and in the theaters to see.

The Amsterdam Paradise is from 21 to 30 december in the hall in the capital. It is a festival that is completely dedicated to the christmas spirit. There are all sorts of activities that christmas, snow and winter. Various other CELEBRITIES take care of shows, such as Lil Small, Xander de Buisonjé and Nicolette van Dam, who has her own restaurant open.

The main new part is The snow paradise, where visitors can cross-country skiing, sledging, throwing snowballs and snowmen. The arena is equipped with real snow.

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