Milo Meskens answers adulterous girlfriend

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Regi (42) and Milo Meskens (23), they store the hands together for Ordinary, their first single together. That writes het Nieuwsblad. For the recordings they flew to Spain and they went into the studio with the producer of top dj David Guetta. The result: a summer song, based on a painful experience. “Regi and I had a flight at 5 o’clock in the morning,” says Meskens. “The night before I went so early to bed. But just before I fell asleep, I received a message from my love. I was already three years together with her, and she had several times my heart is broken. Anyway, I gave her the week before, a new chance. And then she said suddenly that she’s with someone else had slept. I was devastated. But I wanted my cooperation with Regi not screw up. So in Spain, I immediately begin to write. And this song just poured out.”

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