May and Juncker clash: “They thought I was her yesterday night, had offended’

The British prime minister, Theresa May, and European commission President Jean-Claude Juncker had Friday morning at the European summit is a ‘robust’ discussion about the press conference that Juncker Thursday night gave. He called the British prime minister as ‘vague’, something they didn’t see him in thanks has decreased, showed Friday.

May gave her European colleagues Thursday in Brussels, a state of affairs on the Brexitdebat in the United Kingdom. Intention was to go to the house to return with ‘political and legal guarantees’ about the agreement that the British and European negotiators have concluded, more specifically, about the Irish backstop that has a hard border between Ireland and Northern Ireland should avoid.

But May have caught a flounder and had to make do with an A4 paper with ‘clarifications’. At a press conference after the end of the meetings called commission President Juncker, the prime minister also ‘vague’. ‘Our British friends must tell us what they want, instead of us always to do and say what we want.”

At the start of the meetings on Friday, it came to a confrontation between May and Juncker, was to see the live views of the Commission. ‘I have indeed a robust debate with Juncker”, said the British prime minister afterwards. “But that’s what happens when you like we a long time and a lot of collaborating,” she said.

The British prime minister emphasised that they are “crystal clear” in its statement for the European leaders. They welcomed their clarifications, “that the formal conclusions of a legal basis”, but admitted that there is still work to be done is to the British parliament about the mark to be able to pull. According to her, is also on the European side willingness, and in the next days and weeks continue talking. “Further clarification and discussion is possible.”

The prime minister should the deal for the 21 January to the British parliament. “It is in the interest of all citizens, European and British, to this as soon as possible to get things done, and the deal over the line.’


After the end of the European summit, Juncker is still back on the incident. ‘We were dancing’, he responded with a laconic smile when a journalist asked him what exactly on the images to see. “I think they thought that I yesterday evening have offended, because I the British position vaguely have mentioned. I had, however, not about her, but about the debate in Great Britain. In the course of the morning, when she had verified exactly what I had said, she was me again, the kiss’, joked the President.

He also emphasized that he May admire and respect the way they brexit approach. “She is a good friend of us, we have the highest respect for her and feel with her.’ “The attacks from Westminster on the European Union, we will not the same answer, although I would like it to be.’

Also European president Donald Tusk raised the loftrompet about May. “We appreciate the effort that she does to our agreement to get approved. I think we have to take her with much more empathy and respect than some of the British members of parliament.’ Tusk said that for the next weeks and days, not immediately encounters planned, but that the British prime minister, ‘always welcome’ in Brussels.

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