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“Max Verstappen will have to get used to the method of Honda”

dc936095386556c29051a33fe636f9df - "Max Verstappen will have to get used to the method of Honda"

Pierre Gasly, the new team mate of Verstappen, with the new combination of Red Bull-Honda in the battle with one year of experience with the Japanese people at Toro Rosso. No need, however, for Max Verstappen for the Frenchman late on the “Motorsport-Total” know that he is the Dutchman on the way to help.

Everyone is very curious about the new collaboration between Red Bull and Honda. We could see the Japanese motors this year already be found at the zusterteam Toro Rosso, where new Red Bull driver Pierre Gasly for a year could gain experience.

At Red Bull will be the young Frenchman, Max Verstappen get as a team mate, who in turn don’t have any experience with the motors or practices of Honda. Gasly, however, know that he is his teammate and is always willing to assist with useful tips.

“A lot depends on how to communicate to the approach of the Japanese to understand,” said Gasly. “As far as the ride changes there are not as many, that has Max in a round or two or three below the knee.

Gasly was also a season in the Japanese Super Formula is at work in his last year for the F1, he knows how he is with the Japanese must deal.

“It is mostly about the Japanese culture, which I, thanks to Toro Rosso already know well,” said Gasly, who let us know that he is already short with Verstappen has spoken about the engine, but not yet about the Japanese culture.

“I wouldn’t mind, Max, tips to give, but he everything will be find if he is next year with Honda.”

It will be for Verstappen found a whole adjustment will be, because since his debut in the Formula 1 has the Dutchman always with a Renault-engine driven, with the exception of the four races at Toro Rosso in 2016. When there was a Ferrari engine in the back STR11.

By the switch to Honda will get Red Bull back to the status of works team and the cooperation may go further than just sporty. In the field of marketing, it is also interesting for both companies, this summer for example, we saw MotoGP champion Marc Marquez is already at work in an F1 car at the Red Bull Ring.

The reverse is however not so evident, but there is Gasly also not bothered at all.

“I would rather be with a Moto2 or Moto3 machine want to start before I get to a MotoGP motorcycle jump,” said Gasly. “When I for the first time on a motorcycle climbed ben has the grand total of fifteen rounds lasted until I a wheelie did, and crashed. When I was six years old.”

“I’ve been with motorcycles and scooters ridden but that would be the same as a F1 car compare to a normal street car. Two-wheelers are not my thing,” concluded Gasly.

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