Marie-Rose Amelie stabbed?

a68401e8c020c038177ad22670563372 - Marie-Rose Amelie stabbed?

How much do you need to disappear? What would it cost so that you do not bear witness in court and does not let you see? With those words tried an anxious Marie-Rose Friday night, the silence of Marnix to buy, the man who has seen her enter with Veronique on the night Amelie was stabbed. Marnix had his own plans with the heavy alcoholic Veronique and Amelie, and was them after a night on the town café from a distance followed. But his plans were thwarted when he and an unknown woman in front of him in the house of Veronique saw enter. Tonight he recognized the woman as Marie-Rose. Was Marie-Rose that evening, not in France? Why has she never said that she that night when Veronique was? And what she did there by the way? The evening that Marie-Rose with her daughter on a visit was ended with an injured Amelie in a pool full of blood. What is there that night happened? It was, after all, an eventful episode in the Family, because Benny touches on a very wrong path, as Jonas a gas station comes over and with Benny as a driver takes flight.

What happens in the coming weeks in Family to happen? You read it here.

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