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Listen to ‘Out’, the new single by Dead Man Ray

75d58ed5a56a07e18e3074fc89f2a468 - Listen to ‘Out’, the new single by Dead Man Ray

The regent reunions in the Belpop. After there already been rumors doing the rounds about a comeback of Stijn Meuris’ north Cape, also appears in Dead Man Ray again on the scene. The band around Daan Stuyven has a new ep ready.

It started for Dead Man Ray with Chemical’, a demo singer Daan Stuyven (ex-dEUS guitarist Rudy Trouvé in 1996 recordings after they each had met at a wedding. 22 years after that first spark, the band releases an ep on A four brand new songs. It must be the harbinger of a new album in march 2019, it would appear.

That will be their fourth, after Berchem, Stairs and Cago. With the last album, fell in 2002, the cloth over the band, which in addition to Stuyven and Trouvé also consisted of guitarist Elko Blijweert and drummer Herman Houbrechts. Without a bassist so that was an important part of the Dead Man Ray-sound.

For One, with a new single, ‘Out’, is that original line-up re-called. On april 25, the band plays at the Ancienne Belgique in Brussels.

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