Large manhunt Nuremberg after stabbing

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Nuremberg – the German city of Nuremberg to chase the police with search dogs and helicopters to one or more of the perpetrators of some of the steekpartijen Thursday night leaving three women seriously injured were. Two of them are in danger, according to German media.

The steekpartijen were close to each other and the police keep in mind that the same offender(s). There is no one yet held. The police has, according to local media, no evidence that the to terror.

The first victim was a 56-year-old woman who, about half-past eight by a man in her upper body was stabbed. She underwent in the hospital for emergency surgery. Against elves stuck a man short after each other with a knife in a woman of 26 and a 34. These two women were badly injured. They are also operated on in the hospital to save their lives.

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