Kosovo private army set up

5ed6be49d281d5a8ec08dff1725c5a02 - Kosovo private army set up

PRISTINA – Kosovo with a private army set up, despite criticism from neighbouring Serbia and NATO. The parliament in Pristina went Friday agreement with three laws that provide the transformation of the current corps of lightly armed security forces in a well armed army with 5,000 men.

It is largely by ethnic Albanians inhabited Kosovo declared in 2008 independence of Serbia after western powers at the end of last century, the Kosovo war had ended. Serbia declared last week that the setting up of the private army, if provocation is considered to be.

NATO showed Friday disappointed with the decision of the parliament in Kosovo. “I’m sorry that this decision was taken despite the concerns in NATO,” said a statement from secretary-general Jens), that the action is “poorly timed” called. NATO will be its relations with the Kosovo security forces, according to him, now need to revise.

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