Kanye West furious at Drake

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“You have given me and my family under threat,” he writes in one of the many tweets. Kim Kardashian is her husband, by the social medium to say: ”Threaten never to my husband or my family. He has the way for you free for Drake.”

Before he claims threatened to be, suing Kanye over the fact that Drake does have contact with his brother-in-law, Travis Scott and mother-in-law Kris Jenner, but not his phone calls answered. In the jumble of messages, he asks to get together around the table to sit down to talk. “We need our fans to show that two black men can talk to each other without that someone died, left or in the cell lands,” he wrote. “I’m not gonna fight for it as if it was a boxing match on MTV. This is all out of hand.”

The two rappers are already in the clinch since Drake’s enemy, rapper, Pusha, in may the number Infrared launched. In the Kanye-produced song raps Pusha that Drake a ghostwriter would have. Since then, accusations and disstracks back and forth between Drake and Pusha which Pusha revealed that Drake has a son with former porn star Sophie Brussaux.

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