Jean-Pierre Van Rossem died

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The past few weeks, you could have on FOUR watch Van Rossem, a documentary about the life of Jean-Pierre Van Rossem. The Showbiz Site, learned Friday morning of the death of an enfant Terrible, beursgoeroe, meesteroplichter, economist, politician, writer, painter, genius and rebel Jean-Pierre Van Rossem.

With his beursbeleggingbedrijf Moneytron he claimed to have a mathematical system with which the stock market could be predicted. Scams of the purest kind, so ruled the judges. But Van Rossem made a huge profit. He had to say about almost $ 900 million.

His financial downfall in 1991, together with a condemnation to five years in prison. But the mastermind will choose for politics. In the early nineties, he reaches with his libertarian party R. O. S. S. E. M of three seats in the Room and one in the Senate. He turns as much as possible outside the lines. His “Vive la république d’europe” resounds long after.

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