Irish parliament approves limited abortion rights well

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The Irish parliament Thursday evening the abortuswet approved. Eight months ago, a majority of the population in a referendum against the constitutional prohibition on termination of pregnancy;

The Irish parliament started the discussions of the texts in October and Thursday night put the Senate the green light on. The president now needs his signature. Prime minister Leo Varadkar tweette after the end of the vote ” a historic moment for the women in Ireland’.

The law gives women the right to have their pregnancy until twelve weeks after the fertilization to interrupt. Later can also even but there are conditions attached, such as serious risks to the health of the mother or baby.

The law comes after a referendum at the end of may, in which more than 66 percent of the Irish people spoke out against the constitutional ban. Observers spoke of a cultural change, because the country has a strengkatholieke tradition. Three years ago, even though the same-sex marriage approved in Ireland.

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