Hall of Fame: strong lighting on the way to the valhalla of rock

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The British supergroepen The Cure and Radiohead end up, together with the American singer Janet Jackson, next year in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the pantheon of the rock. The term rock may now with a grain of salt be taken, because the Hall of Fame has its stairway to heaven for a while now also released for other genres of music. The “inductee” (callee) Janet Jackson is the living proof. Also Stevie Nicks, who was a singer of Fleetwood Mac, and the British bands Roxy Music, Def Leppard and The Zombies will be on the 29th of march, at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn blessed be explained.

Nicks was already in the Hall included as a member of Fleetwood Mac, this time it is at individuals title of honored, and that is not her name. At the beginning of October was a kind of a ‘long list’ released about singers or groups for the Hall of Fame 2019 eligible. Most drop-outs are the German elektronicagenieën of Kraftwerk, the American rapper LL Cool J, Todd Rundgren, John Prine, MC5 and Rage against the Machine. They need at least another year in purgatory dwell, but can continue to hope: so was Radiohead last year is still one of the drop-outs.

To be eligible for the Hall of Fame, the first recording of an artist or group for at least 25 years old. But with the exception of classical music and jazz is today, and “today,” especially for rap and hip – hop just about all be eligible for the “rock award”.

The first album by The Cure, ‘Three imaginary boys’, dates back to 1979, and contained songs for the eternity for those who love the mix of melancholy, ‘gothic’romance, and the complaining voice of Robert Smith. Since their debut are The Cure, not the music way of thinking.

The same goes for Roxy Music, the group around the velvet voice of Bryan Ferry and the who among its members such luminaries as Brian Eno, Robert Fripp (on tours), Phil Manzanera and Andy Mackay counted. The glamrockgroep debuted in 1972 with the album ‘Roxy Music'(with ‘Virginia Plain’ and ‘Re-make/re-model’) and knew of her early demise ten years later, after the release of the classic album ‘Avalon’.

The popmetalband from Sheffield Def Leppard has been in existence since 1977, and debuted on vinyl in 1980 On through the night’. Their highlight is the album ‘Hysteria’ in 1987.

Also British is Radiohead, the group around the singer, with the sharp voice of Thom Yorke that her name borrowed from a song by Talking Heads. They the weighed on the verge, because their first album, ‘Pablo Honey’, dates back exactly 25 years ago. With songs like ‘Creep’ and the album ‘OK Computer’ took the boys from Oxfordshire, now the whole music world.

The Zombies, on the other hand, in the meantime, their group name is interesting: the group was founded in 1961, and will forever be remembered for the hit singles ‘She’s not there’ and ‘Time of the Season’. The group’s most famous member Colin Blunstone splitte in 1968.

Of an entirely different kind of wood is Janet Jackson cut, the pop singer who was previously known as “the little sister of Michael”, but along the way, themselves a career, lifting, and with the album ‘Control’ in 1986, even a successful marriage presented between pop and r&b.

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