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‘Half crazy, half brilliant’ Jurassic Park scenario that was rejected, turns out pioneering work

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In 2004, a risky scenario for the runaway dinos of Jurassic Park – including armed dinosoldaten – rejected. The similarities with Jurassic World are striking.

On a remote island off the coast of Costa Rica is a billionaire managed to get the dinosaurs to clone, and if you are rich enough, you can get as a tourist for a ride in that exclusive prehistoric zoo. “Then we bring the dino’s in the picture as they are: untamable and ready for action. That is the magical recipe of these productions and that is where we are doing it for: the moment when the dino’s the upper hand take and everyone in the room of noises said,’ said Steven Spielberg, when the second Jurassic Park in 1997 was premiered.

Half crazy

How confident the acclaimed director was also of his concept: after a third film in 2001, there was behind-the-scenes agreement that a small twist to the original, adding no evil could. With the fresh wind came filmmaker John Sayles, known from the mysteriefilm ‘Lone Star’. He wrote in 2004, a screenplay for Jurassic Park 4, that BBC journalist Nicholas Barber could refer to it and describing it as ‘half crazy, half brilliant’.

Sayles broke into his scenario with just about all of the traditions, except that dinosaurs had. So could the dino’s of the American filmmaker, be used as armed soldiers in conflict zones. The genetically engineered Deinonychuses had an excellent nose for criminals, and with here and there a wink and a nod to James Bond, he went eventually to the confrontation with the Great Enemy, which is usually devoured in an underground schurkenhol. The pinnacle of the action scenes is the moment when one of the dino’s a drug lord devours while he is unsuspecting and stark naked – with a gold chain in his jacuzzi.

Half brilliant

Eventually, it was the fresh wind of Sayles received earlier as a tornado and also found Spielberg that this is too far deviated from anything that Jurassic Park at the time.

Though it is striking how many elements will be more than ten years later were picked up for ‘Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom:

  • Dino’s leave the island and come into the ‘real’ world
  • Rich try currency to store
  • The same rich try them also to bridle, and to prevent is rampant to reproduce
  • There is lustig tampered with genetic material to an extremely aggressive type to create
  • Dinos are cloned with the goal to put them into as soldiers
  • Dinos are cloned and are testing them in a lab that is located below the villa of an immeasurably rich man

The makers of ” Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’ could also be difficult other than to admit to the BBC journalist that they are the scenario of Sayles ‘good read’.

Read the full analysis from the BBC here.

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